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Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Dave is the president of  Travel Agency Mavericks. He is also the co-founder of Growthink, a consulting and publishing company with a track record of empowering over 1 million entrepreneurs and business owners. Dave has the expertise to help you start, grow, and sell your company.


Business Plans, Business Consulting, Capital Raising, New Venture Development, Investment Banking, Business Metrics, Sales & Marketing.

Years of Experience:

Dave has over 25 years experience starting and growing companies.


  • BS, Commerce from the University of Virginia
  • MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA

Books Published:


Dave Lavinsky stands out as a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, boasting an impressive array of accomplishments across different sectors. His extensive experience has established him as a seasoned business innovator.

Dave’s enthusiasm for education and sharing insights is evident in his engaging guest lectures at renowned universities. He has developed over 500 detailed business plans, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of both budding entrepreneurs and well-established enterprises. Moreover, Dave has disseminated his vast knowledge by authoring numerous articles on topics such as entrepreneurship, consulting, and securing funding.

A notable highlight in Dave’s career is his celebrated book, “Start At The End,” published by Wiley. This work has transformed approaches to business growth, achieving best-seller status and solidifying Dave’s reputation as a leading authority in his field.

Beyond his literary achievements, Dave has showcased his entrepreneurial flair by founding and successfully divesting from several ventures. His business endeavors include Emerge Juice and Nutrition Systems, a frontrunner in the health and wellness sector, and Shoutmouth, a cutting-edge social media network designed for music enthusiasts. Additionally, Dave was at the helm of Z Reporter LLC, which managed an expansive collection of over 3,000 specialized information websites. He also founded TopPayingKeywords, a firm distinguished for its proficiency in Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.

Entrepreneurs often turn to Dave for inspiration and advice, valuing his profound expertise and entrepreneurial zest as essential ingredients for their success. His influence in the business realm is indeed remarkable.